Why ImportantCard?

We hope you never have to use an ImportantCard product. But when you need it you will be glad you have it.


ImportantCard was born from an experience that made it clear that people of all ages need to have a back up for their important phone numbers on their person at all times, not in a digital format that stays legible.

All the phone numbers I knew as a child (landlines) are now non-existent and I have 1 other number memorized...my spouse. Most others do not even have one number memorized because they have them listed in their phone. Ask anyone!  Everyone thinks that there is no need to have any numbers written anywhere, or if they do have them written down, where does that list live. Is it subject to wear and is it legible? Our family recently had a brush with why it's so important to have a back up for your contacts.

One of my close family had a car accident while driving alone. There was glass everywhere from the back window shattering and the cell phone went somewhere in the vehicle. It was dark and they were taken to the hospital to be checked out for any injuries as they were miraculously not showing more than very minor cuts. It was late at night, they were discharged but they had no phone and no phone numbers to call anyone to get a ride home. No phone with no app to summon any ride service. Taking a cab is not an option for this area. They were stuck and over 20 miles from home. So they started to walk home. Over 20 miles in the Minnesota winter.

If only they had a list in their wallet. They could've easily called one of us to come get them, and any of us would have answered and got right in the car to get them. Instead, they felt they were out of options and walked in unsafe weather and unsafe pedestrian conditions in the dark along an expressway.

And that got us thinking...how many times are we, our kids, our parents out and about, traveling, even those familiar routes and have the possibility of a similar accident and need to be able to contact SOMEONE that can assist us. Would you have a phone number memorized you can call, or YOU NEED THIS IMPORTANT CARD of CONTACTS that you or someone caring for you can access easily in the case of no phone or dead phone situations? And it needs to be durable and legible and able to withstand wear in a purse or wallet as that's where it'll live until you need it.

Our first product is the ImportantSticker as it was the fastest to develop and be able to send to people. The ImportantSticker you fill in yourself with a fine point permanent marker that is included in purchase, and you adhere the sticker to any plastic card you might carry in your wallet, like reuse a gift card that has no value left, or a membership card that you no longer need as all has gone digital now. 

Coming soon will be the ImportantContacts card that is imprinted with the important names/numbers you need as a back up. It'll be a durable, almost indestructible contact card to have on you or for your loved ones to have so they have the VERY IMPORTANT CONTACT INFORMATION they need when their phones are not available for them to use.