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Family Pack ImportantStickers

Family Pack ImportantStickers

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DON'T BE UNPREPARED IN A DIFFICULT SITUATION WITHOUT A WAY TO CONTACT YOUR FAMILY OR FRIENDS. Memorized phone numbers are a thing of the past. There's times you will need the numbers of your family or friends and you will not have your phone. It could be a result of a car accident, or the phone goes for a swim. It could even be that the phone breaks or shuts down and does not turn back on.

For the times you need phone numbers but your phone isn't available: BE PREPARED and fill out this sticker with the INCLUDED ultra fine permanent marker and stick ImportantSticker to the back of an expired gift card or any plastic card and keep it in your wallet or purse.  Borrowing someone else's phone to make a call is so much easier when you have the phone numbers you need in front of you. 2 inch x 3 inch sticker and 1 ultra fine permanent marker included in this purchase.

Mailed via USPS from Minnesota.

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